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Is Microsoft planning to hand out a Samsung Windows 8 slate at BUILD? กันยายน 5, 2011

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Microsoft may be planning to give away a Samsung tablet at its BUILD conference later this month.

Speculation on Microsoft’s BUILD conference giveaway kicked off last month after Microsoft employees Jeff Johnson and Patrick Hevesi showed off some new Windows powered slate devices during the “Come and see the latest and greatest in Windows Devices” presentation at Tech-Ed New Zealand. One particular device caught the world’s attention after the presenters claimed it was a Quad Core Slate that will be given out at an upcoming Microsoft event.

The Slate in question could be manufactured by Samsung. Thanks to some impressive detective work by Long Zheng, it’s clear that the device shown at Tech-Ed New Zealand is almost identical to the recently announced Samsung Series 7 Slate. Zheng points out that the side buttons and rear camera are in identical locations and the overall look of the device is near-identical. The exhaust grill and SIM slot are different. Either way, it appears the device that was shown at Tech-Ed was manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung Slate?

Microsoft is expected to supply all BUILD attendees with an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet. Microsoft previously revealed its ARM support inside Windows 8 at CES 2011. The company will supply ARM builds of Windows 8 strictly through an OEM program once Windows 8 is final. The BUILD tablet for attendees will be one of the latest and greatest Windows devices, equipped with the hardware sensors that Windows 8 will take advantage of.

Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 8 to the world at its BUILD conference later this month. Stay tuned to WinRumors for live coverage and reaction to the next-generation of Windows.

Image Credit: Long Zheng (edited photo from Alan Burchill and This is my next)

Is Microsoft planning to hand out a Samsung Windows 8 slate at BUILD? originally appeared atWinRumors.com.



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