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Last minute whispers: iPhone 4S pricing and October 14th launch date? ตุลาคม 4, 2011

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The following are two uncorroborated – yet likely reliable – whispers we’ve heard on the eve of the Apple October 4th iPhone-focused media event.

iPhone 4S pricing:

We’ve got international pricing for the iPhone 4S (N94) that Apple is announcing tomorrow. The conversion to U.S. subsidized equivalents is obviously not clear cut math, but we think we may have figured it out. According to our source, the price of the unlocked 64GB iPhone 4S will replace the price of the current 32GB iPhone 4. In addition, the price of the new 32GB iPhone 4S will replace the price of the current 16GB iPhone 4.

With this knowledge, we think it’s highly likely that the 64GB iPhone 4S will cost $299, the 32GB will cost $199, and the 16GB will drop down to $99 in the United States. The 8GB iPhone 4 (N90A)will most likely cost $49, which will replace the current $49 iPhone 3GS price point. MacRumorsreports that Apple will soon begin sales of an unlocked iPhone 3GS. A free iPhone 3GS on contract seems to make sense here.

October 14th launch date, Apple Stores to open at 7AM and some to close at midnight:

We’re now hearing that Apple is preparing their retail stores for an October 14th iPhone launch. This phone will of course be the iPhone 4S with an A5 processor, the breakthrough Assistant feature, an eight megapixel camera, Nuance speech-to-text, and 1GB of RAM. Apple Stores are also planning overnights for October 13th. We’ve also heard that stores will open at 7AM for the crowds on that Friday. Certain locations will even be open until midnight to help meet demand.


Credit : 9to5mac


‘iPhone 4S’ 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Listings at Vodafone Germany ตุลาคม 3, 2011

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Over the past few days, there have been a number of reports of next generation iPhone models appear in various inventories. Both Radio Shack and Cincinnati Bell websites have listed “iPhone 5” entries, fueling speculation that Apple might actually release a phone called “iPhone 5” at Tuesday’s event.

We said in our breakdown of possible outcomes that we generally don’t put too much faith in these inventory listings. The entries are believed to be placeholders based on the same rumors that we are all reading.

But here’s a new finding via iPhone-Ticker.de that is slightly more interesting. German mobile carrier Vodafone.de is now listing new iPhones on their website that line up to circulating rumors quite nicely.

In several of their accessory pages, Vodafone.de now lists several new iPhone models under compatibility requirements. The new models include (note weiß and schwarz translate to white and black):

– iPhone 4 Black (8GB)
– iPhone 4 White (8GB)
– iPhone 4S White (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
– iPhone 4S Black (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)

This particular composited screenshot (above) comes from the iPhone 4 Bumper Vodafone shop page which claims compatibility with all these devices. But even the Elgato TV receiver lists the same models with no “iPhone 5” in sight.

While there’s still a chance that these could represent best-guess placeholder entries, they line up nicely with our current expectations: a lower cost 8GB iPhone 4, and three iPhone 4S models. Additionally, Vodafone is an Apple partner and sells the iPhone 4 in Germany. Finally, we know Apple has also had inventory listings that line up with this same rough configurations.

Apple is hosting a media event on October 4th and is expected to announce the next iPhone.


Credit : macrumors


หลุดล่าสุด iPhone5 มีความจุ 64 GB กันยายน 9, 2011

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จากเมื่อวันสองวันนี้ มีภาพที่คาดว่ามาจาก iPhone5 ที่มีความละเอียด 8 ล้านพิคเซล

วันนี้มีภาพหลุดอีกแล้ว ภาพที่เห็นคือความจุของ iPhone5 ที่มีถึง 64 GB





Rumor: Best Buy preparing for Oct. launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 กันยายน 5, 2011

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A pair of new reports claim retailer Best Buy is preparing for an October launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, though they conflict on potential launch dates.

A leaked document from the retailer provided to Boy Genius Report suggests that the iPhone will launch the first week of October. The note to employees also claims that Sprint will offer Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone at launch, aligning with a recent rumor that it would become the third carrier in the U.S. to offer the iPhone.

The memo suggests that pre-sales for the new iPhone could begin soon, with an “expected” launch in the first week of October. However, the note also cautions that launch dates are “subject to change.”

Separately, This is my next also reported on Sunday that Best Buy is scheduled to have an “Apple fixture” installed at its retail stores on Friday, Oct. 21, a few weeks after the memo implies the next iPhone will launch.

“To be clear, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill installation for the big box — our tipster tells us that the request that a manager be on-hand at 6AM is out of the ordinary (they usually show up at 7AM for inventory), and that a similar arrangement was scheduled for the iPhone 4 launch,” the report said.

It also added that Best Buy Mobile managers are scheduled to have a meeting to discuss release dates for major new products.

iPhone 5

Both reports come on the heels of a rumor from Japan which claims that two manufacturers have begun assembling the so-called “iPhone 5.” Foxconn is said to be responsible for 85 percent of the assembly, while Pegatron has a 15 percent share.

That report suggested that the next iPhone will arrive by early October in the U.S., with other territories to follow.

iPhone 5

AppleInsider reported in August that Apple’s long-time advertising agency TBWA/Chiat Day has begun work on a television spots for the smartphone, which will reportedly finish up in early October. Several other reports have also pointed to an October release.

The next iPhone is expected to sport the same A5 processor found in the iPad 2, as well as a new high-resolution 8-megapixel camera. Some third party cases have suggested the device will be thinner with curved sides and a flat back.

Credit : appleinsider


Unboxing iPhone 5 Video !!! แกะกล่อง iPhone5 กันยายน 4, 2011

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New video spread all over the web showing a guy calming that he got an an unboxing iPhone 5 we know that this video is fake video but we pushed this in order to let others be aware of Apple news, check the video below



2011 Cydia Top 30 [Video]

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Cydia Apps and Tweaks, There are a countless number of Apps and tweaks on Cydia and more are developed every day. Checj this video that shows the Top 30 Cydia Apps/Teaks In 2011.


Top 30 List:

  1. Tab+
  2. Mutilconmover
  3. Infiniboard
  4. Infinidock
  5. SBSettings
  6. Alphacon
  7. Android Delete
  8. Graviboard
  9. Grid Lock
  10. Animate Battery
  11. Winterboard
  12. Flipover
  13. List Launcher
  14. Cy Delete
  15. Folder Enhancer
  16. Pull to Refresh Safari
  17. RetinaPad
  18. Barrel
  19. Camera Wallpaper
  20. icon renamer
  21. double tap to open
  22. Pagenames
  23. iSwipe
  24. Stayopened
  25. iTypeappleicon
  26. retina app icons
  27. page pusher
  28. Bytafont
  29. AndroidLock XT
  30. Insomnia


Most of these apps and tweaks can be found under these repos:


Apple’s iCloud runs on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s cloud

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Apple’s iCloud runs on two services from its biggest competitors, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s elastic cloud, reports The Register.

Sources tell the site that both Microsoft and Amazon were instructed to remain mum on the iCloud deal. Amazon’s elastic cloud is already established as a go-to service for any company that wants to offload data and other resources, but the deal serves as a major validation for Microsoft’s Windows Azure.

Writes The Register: “iCloud puts Azure into a different league, given the brand love for Apple and the Apple management’s fanatical attitude to perfection. It is a “huge consumer brand, a great opportunity to get Azure under a very visible workload,” our sources told us.”

Apple is likely aiming to avoid potential iCloud outages by selecting two cloud suppliers. The company has already had the headache of dealing with outages for its MobileMe service, which relied on a single external provider. Apple is also building its own massive data center in North Carolina, which could eventually take over some of the load for iCloud.

The Register notes that iCloud is thought to be running on Microsoft’s full Azure service, which includes the Azure compute and controller features, as well as its SQL storage. Data on iCloud is being striped across both Amazon and Microsoft’s services, a process which allows iCloud to speed up data access since it doesn’t have to rely on a single disk or service. To accomplish this, Apple, perhaps together with Microsoft and Amazon, has come up with some sort of solution for easily identifying and accessing data across both services.