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Unboxing iPhone 5 Video !!! แกะกล่อง iPhone5 กันยายน 4, 2011

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New video spread all over the web showing a guy calming that he got an an unboxing iPhone 5 we know that this video is fake video but we pushed this in order to let others be aware of Apple news, check the video below



2011 Cydia Top 30 [Video]

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Cydia Apps and Tweaks, There are a countless number of Apps and tweaks on Cydia and more are developed every day. Checj this video that shows the Top 30 Cydia Apps/Teaks In 2011.


Top 30 List:

  1. Tab+
  2. Mutilconmover
  3. Infiniboard
  4. Infinidock
  5. SBSettings
  6. Alphacon
  7. Android Delete
  8. Graviboard
  9. Grid Lock
  10. Animate Battery
  11. Winterboard
  12. Flipover
  13. List Launcher
  14. Cy Delete
  15. Folder Enhancer
  16. Pull to Refresh Safari
  17. RetinaPad
  18. Barrel
  19. Camera Wallpaper
  20. icon renamer
  21. double tap to open
  22. Pagenames
  23. iSwipe
  24. Stayopened
  25. iTypeappleicon
  26. retina app icons
  27. page pusher
  28. Bytafont
  29. AndroidLock XT
  30. Insomnia


Most of these apps and tweaks can be found under these repos:


Apple’s iCloud runs on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s cloud

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Apple’s iCloud runs on two services from its biggest competitors, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s elastic cloud, reports The Register.

Sources tell the site that both Microsoft and Amazon were instructed to remain mum on the iCloud deal. Amazon’s elastic cloud is already established as a go-to service for any company that wants to offload data and other resources, but the deal serves as a major validation for Microsoft’s Windows Azure.

Writes The Register: “iCloud puts Azure into a different league, given the brand love for Apple and the Apple management’s fanatical attitude to perfection. It is a “huge consumer brand, a great opportunity to get Azure under a very visible workload,” our sources told us.”

Apple is likely aiming to avoid potential iCloud outages by selecting two cloud suppliers. The company has already had the headache of dealing with outages for its MobileMe service, which relied on a single external provider. Apple is also building its own massive data center in North Carolina, which could eventually take over some of the load for iCloud.

The Register notes that iCloud is thought to be running on Microsoft’s full Azure service, which includes the Azure compute and controller features, as well as its SQL storage. Data on iCloud is being striped across both Amazon and Microsoft’s services, a process which allows iCloud to speed up data access since it doesn’t have to rely on a single disk or service. To accomplish this, Apple, perhaps together with Microsoft and Amazon, has come up with some sort of solution for easily identifying and accessing data across both services.


Apple forces Samsung to remove Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA floor

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It looks like Apple’s preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany has come back to haunt the Korean manufacturer, as it has apparently been forced to remove all references to its new Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet from the IFA show floor in Berlin, reports FOSS Patents.

While the tablet was on display yesterday, it was labeled with a “Not for sale in Germany” sticker, which was a reference to Apple’s injunction. Samsung likely hoped that sticker was enough to show off the tablet at IFA, since it will be available in other European countries. Clearly, it wasn’t enough.

Samsung has also removed all mention of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from its German website.

The company hasn’t yet clarified why it’s making this last-ditch effort to remove all trace of the Galaxy Tab 7.7, but the implication is clear. A German Samsung representative said that she couldn’t speak about ongoing legal matters when asked if Apple had anything to do with the device’s removal.

FOSS Patent’s Florian Mueller notes that there are two possible reasons for the tablet’s removal: Either Apple obtained a new preliminary injunction against it, or Apple complained to the German court that granted its initial preliminary injunction, arguing that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 closely resembled the Tab 10.1.

The gadget blog This is My Next posted before and after pictures of Samsung’s booth, which you can see here.

Samsung said earlier this week that it has no plans to bring the Tab 7.7 and its Galaxy Note to the US.

I suspect we’ll learn the full facts behind this case within the next few days. For now, it seems like yet another win for Apple against its ongoing battle with Android makers.

Photos via This is My Next



Steve Jobs inspired

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Steve Jobs inspired


Steve Jobs, thanks.

That’s at least what some small business owners have to say to the brainy Apple co-founder who stepped down from his position as CEO last week.

The risk-taker and college dropout, who resigned from Apple in 1985 only to return in 1997 and sell his colleagues on a then-crazy idea called the iPod, has put fire into the bellies of budding entrepreneurs.

From an apparel company to an audio-book creator, some small businesses would not be around if not for their tight connections to the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac products.

To sync up with Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple, small businesses have learned to roll out products quickly, to keep up with the rapid speed that new versions of Apple products are released. “No other company, in our modern age, has moved things, as far as technology goes, so quickly,” said Damon Brown, author of “Damon Brown’s Simple Guide to the iPad” and “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the iPod” (Alpha Books, 2005),

“It’s a game changer. Small businesses have to move much faster than they used to. They have to listen. That could totally destroy, or totally create, a new market,” said Brown.

Credit : CNN


10 things to love about the story of the iPhone 5 that walked out of a tequila lounge

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Another Apple employee loses an iPhone prototype in a bar. I smell a movie script. 

The bar at Cava22. Photo: James Martin/CNET

The tech press is never happier than when it’s in hot pursuit of the next Apple (AAPL) iPhone. Almost any clue will do — a purloined case design, a blurry factory photo, a leaked production estimate from a sketchy Asian news source.

That’s what made last year’s saga of the prototype iPhone 4 — lost in a bar and sold to a Gizmodo editor whose house was raided and his computers seized — so irresistible.

The story of the iPhone 5 that broke this week hasn’t got those kind of legs, but it’s not without its charms.

My favorite details:


1. Cava22. The San Francisco tequila lounge where the device was lost serves a mean lime-marinated shrimp ceviche. (CNET)
2. The booze. The owner of the bar told CNET: “I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong.”
3. Find-My-iPhone. It worked, to a degree. Apple traced the missing device to a two-story house in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood (CNET) that turned out to be in Ingleside (SFWeekly)
4. “Priceless” That’s what Apple gave the San Francisco Police Department as the value of the missing item (CNET)
5. The cops. The cash-strapped SFPD thought the incident of sufficient importance to assign four plainclothes officers to the case. (SFWeekly)
6. The search. The owner of the house — one Sergio Calderón, 22 — allowed his home to be thoroughly tossed without asking for a search warrant or to see some identification. (SFWeekly)
7. The potted plants.
 The real police waited politely outside while two Apple security guys conducted the search, offered Calderón a $300 reward, made vague threats about illegal aliens, and left a business card that could be traced back to Apple (SFWeekly)
8. The hard guy
. The LinkedIn page (since removed) of Anthony “Tony” Colon — the Apple detective who led the search — listed his specialties as threat assessment, counter terrorism, executive protection and site security surveys. (SF Weekly)
9. The subterfuge. The SFPD was able to keep the department out of the story — at least for a few hours — by telling the press that it had no report any search or even of a missing device. (Business Insider)
10. Call central casting. The name of the police lieutenant who finally owned up to the SFPD’s role in the matter — admitting that at Apple’s request no crime report was filed — was Troy Dangerfield. (SFWeekly)

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

And what happened to the missing iPhone? Is it still at large? Did Tony Colon manage to track it down? Apple, not surprisingly, isn’t saying.

Credit : CNN


[Photos] เปรียบเทียบขนาด iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 vs iPod Touch 4G กันยายน 3, 2011

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ภาพ Case ที่คาดว่าน่าจะเป็นของ iPhone5 ซึ่งถูกนำมาเปรียบเทียบกับ iPhone4 และ iPod Touch4