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10 things to love about the story of the iPhone 5 that walked out of a tequila lounge กันยายน 4, 2011

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Another Apple employee loses an iPhone prototype in a bar. I smell a movie script. 

The bar at Cava22. Photo: James Martin/CNET

The tech press is never happier than when it’s in hot pursuit of the next Apple (AAPL) iPhone. Almost any clue will do — a purloined case design, a blurry factory photo, a leaked production estimate from a sketchy Asian news source.

That’s what made last year’s saga of the prototype iPhone 4 — lost in a bar and sold to a Gizmodo editor whose house was raided and his computers seized — so irresistible.

The story of the iPhone 5 that broke this week hasn’t got those kind of legs, but it’s not without its charms.

My favorite details:


1. Cava22. The San Francisco tequila lounge where the device was lost serves a mean lime-marinated shrimp ceviche. (CNET)
2. The booze. The owner of the bar told CNET: “I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong.”
3. Find-My-iPhone. It worked, to a degree. Apple traced the missing device to a two-story house in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood (CNET) that turned out to be in Ingleside (SFWeekly)
4. “Priceless” That’s what Apple gave the San Francisco Police Department as the value of the missing item (CNET)
5. The cops. The cash-strapped SFPD thought the incident of sufficient importance to assign four plainclothes officers to the case. (SFWeekly)
6. The search. The owner of the house — one Sergio Calderón, 22 — allowed his home to be thoroughly tossed without asking for a search warrant or to see some identification. (SFWeekly)
7. The potted plants.
 The real police waited politely outside while two Apple security guys conducted the search, offered Calderón a $300 reward, made vague threats about illegal aliens, and left a business card that could be traced back to Apple (SFWeekly)
8. The hard guy
. The LinkedIn page (since removed) of Anthony “Tony” Colon — the Apple detective who led the search — listed his specialties as threat assessment, counter terrorism, executive protection and site security surveys. (SF Weekly)
9. The subterfuge. The SFPD was able to keep the department out of the story — at least for a few hours — by telling the press that it had no report any search or even of a missing device. (Business Insider)
10. Call central casting. The name of the police lieutenant who finally owned up to the SFPD’s role in the matter — admitting that at Apple’s request no crime report was filed — was Troy Dangerfield. (SFWeekly)

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

And what happened to the missing iPhone? Is it still at large? Did Tony Colon manage to track it down? Apple, not surprisingly, isn’t saying.

Credit : CNN


Soon We Will Have Linux On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch สิงหาคม 31, 2011

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A Team of hackers managed to hack the iPhone 4 and the iPad and install Linux OS on them. Unfortunately they weren’t successful with the iPad 2 till now.

linux ipad  The image above was posted by the Linux hacker Bluerise. The image shows Linux running on an iPad 1.

It wasn’t specified when will we have a tool that enable us to run Linux OS on an iDevice. When it happens we will let you know.


iPhone 5 to Launch in New Zealand on October 9th?

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New Zealand’s TechDay.co.nz claims to have exclusive date on the New Zealand launch date for the iPhone 5.

Now, with fans clamouring for news of the iPhone 5, Techday has learned from a source within Apple that the device will be launched here in New Zealand on October 9.

Early October has been the recent rumor consensus on when the iPhone 5 might actually become available to customers. There has also been talk of a late September launch.

TechDay.co.nz hasn’t been the source of any previous Apple rumors, so we can’t tell if they are trustworthy. October 9th falls on a Sunday, which seems a strange launch day. Last year’s iPhone 4 launch was on a Friday in New Zealand. We’ve posted it on our iOS blog for interest.

Credit : macrumors


Official: Samsung Galaxy S II Announced for AT&T

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This image has no alt text

It was announced today at a New York City press event hosted by Samsung that AT&T would join T-Mobile and Samsung in offering the highly-anticipated Galaxy S II smartphone. The device will largely mirror the international version of the phone, which debuted last sprint. It sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, and an 8MP camera capable of 1080p video capture. The phone is compatible with AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

While a naming scheme similar to that used for the Samsung Captivate was not announced (the AT&T S II has been rumored to go under the name Attain), it is still possible we will learn of a new carrier branding closer to launch. For now, the device is merely listed as coming in the next few weeks. Pricing details are not known at this time.

AT&T and Samsung Unveil the Nation’s Thinnest 4G Smartphone. Again!
Samsung Galaxy S™ II Powers the Fastest Smartphone to Date for AT&T Customers with a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Processor

Dallas, Texas, August 30, 2011

Key Facts

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S™ II, the nation’s thinnest 4G smartphone at 8.89mm at its thinnest, will be sold in AT&T* company-owned retail stores and online in the coming weeks.
This new smartphone features the Android Gingerbread (2.3.4) platform, a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED™ Plus display, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, Motion UX sensors and 8 MP camera.
HDMI-output at 1080p resolution lets customers rent or purchase movies and TV shows from the Samsung Media Hub and view on a television.
Customer Benefits

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II is designed to give customers a powerful, premium Android smartphone experience in a pocket-friendly design that is the thinnest of all Galaxy S II smartphones and the thinnest 4G smartphone on the market. A powerful dual-core 1.2 GHz processor offers customers smooth gaming and accelerates multitasking between browsing, sending email or watching video.

With an incredibly colorful 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II delivers 50 percent more sub-pixels than the previous generation display for better contrast. The display also offers unmatched outdoor viewing quality, even in the brightest sunlight. This newest smartphone also captures sharp photos with the 8MP camera with flash and records videos in stunning high profile 1080p HD quality. An additional 2MP front-facing camera gives you the power to connect with your friends and family face-to-face via video chat with preloaded Qik™ Lite over Wi-Fi.

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II enables customers to output 1080p video to a HDTV using the an HDTV smart adapter (sold separately). The device also features next generation Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth technology, Voice Talk from Vlingo™ that enables voice-powered social updates, messaging, email, search and voice dialing, Motion UX sensors to mute incoming calls by simply turning the device over and business-friendly features such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, Quickoffice® and Exchange ActiveSync®.

Samsung Features

The Galaxy S II features Samsung’s TouchWiz® user interface, providing superior multi-tasking and customization for an enhanced visual and intuitive smartphone experience. Live Panel features provide immediate access to weather, social updates, email, news and photos, which can all be customized on any one of the seven home screens. All of the Samsung widgets can be positioned and re-sized to create unique home screens and one-touch access to the services and apps each individual uses the most. The Notifications Panel allows one touch access to a separate menu for managing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Flight Mode settings.

Samsung Media Hub puts thousands of hit movies and next-day TV shows at your fingertips, ready to rent or buy and watch instantly with progressive downloads. Kies Air allows your PC to wirelessly sync with your Galaxy S II when they are on the same Wi-Fi network. This allows you to view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks and IMs, plus send messages from your PC. With Samsung Social Hub, synchronize and better organize all of your online contacts by streamlining your email, SMS, IM and SNS information into one unified box.


“The nation’s thinnest 4G smartphone is designed in every way to give AT&T customers a superb mobile entertainment experience,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “With a vibrant screen, high-definition possibilities and faster processing speeds, Samsung Galaxy S II is the latest addition to the industry’s leading smartphone portfolio.”

“The Galaxy S II, powered by a dual core application processor, paired with AT&T’s advanced 4G network, gives users fast download speeds along with a premium multi-tasking experience,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “We are proud to bring our fastest selling smartphone in the world to AT&T customers, packaging it in the nation’s thinnest 4G smartphone.”

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Specifications

  • 4G – HSPA+
  • Android (2.3 Gingerbread)
  • GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • UMTS Tri-band( 850/1900/2100MHz)
  • Screen: 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz x 2 (dual core)
  • Camera: 8MP AF with LED flash + 2MP front
  • Video Record: 1080p Full HD
  • HDMI Out: HDMI via HDTV Smart Adapter with HDCP
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Battery: 1650mAh
  • Sensor: Motion UX, 6-axis gyroscope, proximity, light, noise (Audience A2220)

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

Important Information: Limited-time offer. Mobile broadband coverage and other coverage not available in all areas. See coverage map at store for details. Two year agreement with qualifying voice plan and a minimum $15 a month smartphone data plan required. Subscriber must live and have a mailing address within AT&T’s owned wireless network coverage area. Up to $36 activation fee applies. Equipment price and availability may vary by market and may not be available from independent retailers. Early Termination Fee: None if cancelled in the first 30 days, but up to $35 restocking fee may apply to returns; thereafter up to $325. Some agents impose additional fees. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See contract for details. Sales tax calculated based on price of unactivated equipment.


Sprint schedules Oct. 7 event amid iPhone rumors สิงหาคม 30, 2011

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Sprint has scheduled a “Strategy Update” presentation for Friday, Oct. 7, around the same time the carrier is rumored to begin offering Apple’s iPhone.

Earlier this month The Wall Street Journal claimed that Sprint will join AT&T and Verizon in introducing a new iPhone in mid-October. Currently, the iPhone is only available to Verizon and AT&T customers in the U.S.

Sprint this week sent out invitations to members of the press advertising an event dubbed “Sprint’s Strategy Update.” It will feature presentations by senior management at the carrier, along with a Q&A session.

This is my next suggested the event is “likely” to be about the carrier’s high-speed 4G network plans, but also said that “maybe” the presentation could also be related to the next iPhone.

“We’d be surprised if this was the event to announce it, but the past month of tech news has been crazy enough that anything could happen,” they wrote.

While new iPhone models have typically been introduced at Apple events, a CDMA variant of the iPhone 4 compatible with Verizon’s network was unveiled this January at an event hosted in New York City by Verizon, not Apple. But that was a unique situation for an out-of-cycle upgrade that arrived months after the iPhone 4 debuted on AT&T’s network.


Apple is expected to introduce its new fifth-generation iPhone this fall, with the latest rumors pointing toward a mid-October launch. Some reports have suggested the next iPhone will be a “world phone” capable of connecting to both GSM networks, like AT&T, as well as CDMA, like Verizon and Sprint, without the need for two separate models.

This past weekend, a leaked memo from Sprint revealed that employees of the carrier have been instructed to simply state “no comment” when they are asked about the iPhone. Employees have been told to say they are familiar with news reports suggesting the iPhone is coming to Sprint, but to say they don’t have any information to share.


ภาพศาสดา “Steve job” บนรถเข็น

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วันนี้(30/08/2011) เวบไซท์ของทางฮ่องกงรายงานว่า

วันนี้เราได้เห็นภาพที่ไม่ดีนักของสตี๊ฟ จ๊อบ, ภาพที่เค้าต้องได้รับความช่วยเหลือจากคนใกล้ชิดและนั่งอยู่บนรถเข็นของเค้า. “สตี๊ฟ จ๊อบ” ไม่ได้อยู่ในชุดเสื้อคอเต่าสีดำและกางเกงยีนส์เหมือนที่เราเคยเห็น. แต่กลับเป็นคอเต่าสีแดงแทน และมาพร้อมกับบุตรชายและภรรยาของเค้า

ภาพดังกล่าวมานี้ปรากฏอยู่บนหนังสือพิมพ์ฮ่องกงฉบับวันนี้อยู่บนส่วนของบนสุดของหนังสือพิมพ์และพวกเราจึงตัดสินใจว่าจะนำมาแชร์ให้แฟนคลับสาวก Apple ดูว่านี่คือชีวิตหลังการลาออกจาก CEO Apple ของ Steve Job เค้าได้รับการดูแลเป็นอย่างดีจากลูกชายและภรรยา

ที่มา micgadget


ภาพหลุด !! Windows Phone 7.5 บนมือถือ HTC Omega

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เมื่อไม่กี่วันมานี้มีการเปดเผยภาพของ HTX Omega ออกมาตามเว็บไซท์ต่างๆ

ผ่านมาไม่กี่วันตอนนี้ได้มีภาพของอุปกรณ์ตัวนี้ออกมาอีกครั้งบนเครือข่าย Orange, สำหรับตัวของ Omega นี้มาพร้อมกับ Spec Snapdragon MSM8255 1.5Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 3.8-inch LCD และเจ้ามือถือตัวนี้อัดความสามารถด้านการถ่ายภาพมาด้วยความละเอียด 8 ล้านพิคเซล, ทั้งนี้ยังมาพร้อมกับระบบปกฺบัติการ Windows Phone 7.5 อีกด้วย

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