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Rumor: Best Buy preparing for Oct. launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 กันยายน 5, 2011

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A pair of new reports claim retailer Best Buy is preparing for an October launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, though they conflict on potential launch dates.

A leaked document from the retailer provided to Boy Genius Report suggests that the iPhone will launch the first week of October. The note to employees also claims that Sprint will offer Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone at launch, aligning with a recent rumor that it would become the third carrier in the U.S. to offer the iPhone.

The memo suggests that pre-sales for the new iPhone could begin soon, with an “expected” launch in the first week of October. However, the note also cautions that launch dates are “subject to change.”

Separately, This is my next also reported on Sunday that Best Buy is scheduled to have an “Apple fixture” installed at its retail stores on Friday, Oct. 21, a few weeks after the memo implies the next iPhone will launch.

“To be clear, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill installation for the big box — our tipster tells us that the request that a manager be on-hand at 6AM is out of the ordinary (they usually show up at 7AM for inventory), and that a similar arrangement was scheduled for the iPhone 4 launch,” the report said.

It also added that Best Buy Mobile managers are scheduled to have a meeting to discuss release dates for major new products.

iPhone 5

Both reports come on the heels of a rumor from Japan which claims that two manufacturers have begun assembling the so-called “iPhone 5.” Foxconn is said to be responsible for 85 percent of the assembly, while Pegatron has a 15 percent share.

That report suggested that the next iPhone will arrive by early October in the U.S., with other territories to follow.

iPhone 5

AppleInsider reported in August that Apple’s long-time advertising agency TBWA/Chiat Day has begun work on a television spots for the smartphone, which will reportedly finish up in early October. Several other reports have also pointed to an October release.

The next iPhone is expected to sport the same A5 processor found in the iPad 2, as well as a new high-resolution 8-megapixel camera. Some third party cases have suggested the device will be thinner with curved sides and a flat back.

Credit : appleinsider


Unboxing iPhone 5 Video !!! แกะกล่อง iPhone5 กันยายน 4, 2011

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New video spread all over the web showing a guy calming that he got an an unboxing iPhone 5 we know that this video is fake video but we pushed this in order to let others be aware of Apple news, check the video below



New Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 5 Parts ชิ้นส่วน iPhone5 อันใหม่ สิงหาคม 31, 2011

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The rumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 5 is getting bigger and coming from several source as Apple getting ready for the launch and more people getting more details about the device. This time the leak is from Greek iPhone which has posted photos claimed to be parts for the next iPhone.

iphone5 parts01 The photo above shows the camera claimed to be the iPhone 5’s. It’s different from the iPhone 4’s and thinner and it’s reported to be have an 8 MegaPixel Sensor.

iphone5 parts04iphone5 parts02

iphone5 parts03

This leaked parts photos reveals a thinner design for the iPhone 5. Also the volume buttons will be located on the other side of where they are on the iPhone 4.

Via | BGR


Soon We Will Have Linux On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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A Team of hackers managed to hack the iPhone 4 and the iPad and install Linux OS on them. Unfortunately they weren’t successful with the iPad 2 till now.

linux ipad  The image above was posted by the Linux hacker Bluerise. The image shows Linux running on an iPad 1.

It wasn’t specified when will we have a tool that enable us to run Linux OS on an iDevice. When it happens we will let you know.


More Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 4S Prototype “N94”

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Previously, We have posted leaked photos Of the “N94” prototype iPhone that is believed to be the lower cost iPhone 4S which is expected to be launched along side the iPhone 5 early October.


The iPhone 4S is expected to have an 8GB of memory which is reasonable for texting. Music and videos. I Think this New Low priced iPhone will kill the iPod touch which gives you the iPhone experience for less money. Apple is aiming to compete with the low priced Android Phones with the iPhone 4S.

iphone4s frontpanelThe Picture above shows the front panel of the iPhone 4S. It looks very much the same as an iPhone 4 except for a dot above the earpiece and besides the sensor location.

Via | Engadget


Windows 8 มาพร้อมกับ Start Menu สุดทันสมัย !! สิงหาคม 30, 2011

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ทาง Microsoft มีการเปิดเผยหรืออาจจะทำภาพหลุดตามกระแสถึงภาพของ Start Menu บน Windows 8

โดยองค์ประกอบของ Start Menu จะมีลักษณะบางแบนและดูทันสมัยมากขึ้นและจะมีคำสั่งดังนี้





ที่มา winrumors


ภาพศาสดา “Steve job” บนรถเข็น

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วันนี้(30/08/2011) เวบไซท์ของทางฮ่องกงรายงานว่า

วันนี้เราได้เห็นภาพที่ไม่ดีนักของสตี๊ฟ จ๊อบ, ภาพที่เค้าต้องได้รับความช่วยเหลือจากคนใกล้ชิดและนั่งอยู่บนรถเข็นของเค้า. “สตี๊ฟ จ๊อบ” ไม่ได้อยู่ในชุดเสื้อคอเต่าสีดำและกางเกงยีนส์เหมือนที่เราเคยเห็น. แต่กลับเป็นคอเต่าสีแดงแทน และมาพร้อมกับบุตรชายและภรรยาของเค้า

ภาพดังกล่าวมานี้ปรากฏอยู่บนหนังสือพิมพ์ฮ่องกงฉบับวันนี้อยู่บนส่วนของบนสุดของหนังสือพิมพ์และพวกเราจึงตัดสินใจว่าจะนำมาแชร์ให้แฟนคลับสาวก Apple ดูว่านี่คือชีวิตหลังการลาออกจาก CEO Apple ของ Steve Job เค้าได้รับการดูแลเป็นอย่างดีจากลูกชายและภรรยา

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